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Hello and thank you for your interest in The Quickhitters Experience. Our company provides a quick fun structured authentic experience in creating unique art in one of the five components of Hip Hop. Our focus is emceeing. We engage the participants in a variety of writing strategies that allow them to explore ideas that matter to them. They then place these ideas in a standard format that allows them to write, edit and prepare to record an/or perform their creations. Let's figure out how we can create a lasting partnership. Here are the options we think will meet your needs. 

Introductory Experience

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Residency Experiences for Schools & Community Based Organizations

  • Quickhitters Residency Experience - is a 12 week program in which participants engage in our comprehensive curriculum designed to engage our participants in the art of Hip Hop.  The program consists of 2 days, 1 hour a day for 12 weeks for a group of 20 participants who will learn our Core Five Steps to create a group chorus & individual 8 or 16 bar verse. This includes a culminating event to showcase our participants. Click Here To Purchase

About Us:  

The Quickhitters Experience was founded in 2014 by Kivel Jones as a company that provides unique authentic Hip Hop experiences to all ages. In 2015, Mr. Kivel began providing fun activities creating art in the five components of Hip Hop with youth ages ten to fourteen in an after school program in The Bronx. It was here that The Great Squad project was born. The 10 song project was written, produced and performed by an eclectic group of young men and women who dedicated themselves to being exceptional. Kwesi Haynes, who was Mr. Kivel's supervisor at that time as well as an event space owner, noticed the energy the class was generating and invited him to use his space to expand the reach of The Quickhitters Experience. In 2016,  Rasheedah Garcia M.S,ED,  7-12 ELA Teacher ,a former program director for a community based organization, joined The Quickhitters Experience. She developed the operational programming, organizational structures in addition she designed the comprehensive academic component to reinforce academic skill for the participants. Quickhitters initiated its first  summer camp in June  2019  as a pilot program. The summer camp provided an opportunity for young adults to receive employment through our partnership with the New York Summer Youth Employment Program.  Those young men and women helped the guarantee the participants were engaged in all five components of hip hop which are Emceeing,, Graffiti, Breakin and Knowledge. These activities allowed students to effectively engage and demonstrate their diverse artistic talents and individual goals, develop confidence and awareness of their abilities. Each child felt empowered to add their voices to the world stage. What do we do? We educate through entertainment. 

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