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The Quickhitters Foundation is an organization that provides an opportunity to correct, compliment, reinforce, and enhance that which is addressed in the regular school day. It also, though, provides the prospect for meaningful, focused activity that increases not only intellectual abilities but social and emotional ones, and does so during what, for 75 percent of U.S. young people, is unsupervised and unproductive time that, worse than just wasteful, can be an invitation to misfortune. Our goal is to provide our participants with a quick authentic structured fun experience in creating unique art in one of the five components of Hip Hop. Quickhitters mission is to empower the voices of the voiceless by amplifying their microphone. We are a Hip Hop youth program designed to develop young artists, encourage artistic growth and foster essential skills. Our participants learn to express their feelings using the Hip Hop elements, particularly the skill of emceeing, to find solutions through critical thinking and analysis of the world around them. We provide a safe space that fosters creative, expressive, and artistic intelligence. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the youth to define their individual voice and create positive changes in his/her life. At the end of the completion of the term, we have the participants perform their creations in a celebration of their dedication to their own success. 

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"The Smile Says It All!"

Our Mission 

To empower the voices of the voiceless by amplifying their microphone. 

The DJ -The master of sound, the DJ. They control the crowd. Our participants are given an opportunity to receive a hands on experience within the genre of DJ in addition to develop a radio show to feature their unique playlist and radio personalities 

EMCEE -The voice of the voiceless, the messenger, storyteller or the crowd motivator. Participants are empowered with an opportunity to have an audience that will listen, a space to build ideas , vocabulary and elevate flow 

B-boy/B-girl - Dance can raise the soul. When you hear the sound and feel the beat, you have to move your feet, raise your hands and fly. Our youth are able to express themselves  by learning and executing choreography. 

GRAFITTI - Artistic, visual expression. Hip Hop in print.  Artists develop a visual presentation of hip hop and are introduced to several pioneers of Graffiti art. 

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