Rap & Snacks

Rap & Snacks is a two hour four session class for seven to nine year olds .  This is a parent/child activity where specifically chosen books are used to engage our participants.  Children are introduced to new vocabulary derived from the book of the week. As a team the parents and children will use these words to create a catchy hook.  Rap & Snacks allows children to engage in a experience that is family oriented, educational and fun. 

Week 1 - When The Beat Was Born By Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop.

Week 2 - Playing to Win – The story of Althea Gibson By Karen Deans

Week 3 - One Plastic Bag – Isatou Ceesay and The Recycling Women of the Gambia By Miranda Paul

Week 4 - Whoosh!  Lonnie Johnson’s Super Soaking stream inventions By Chris Bartonbirth and it's growth into the number one musical genre in the world.

When The Beat Was Born

Laban Carrick Hill
Illustrated by Theodore Taylor III

Playing to Win

The Story of Althea Gibson
by Karen Deans
Illustrated by Elbrite Brown

One Plastic Bag

Isatou Ceesay and The Recycling Women of The Gambia
by Miranda Paul
Illustration by Elizabeth Zunon

Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions

by Chris Barton
Illustrated by Don Tate

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