Quickhitters Experience

The Quickhitters Experience is a two hour eight session class for ten to sixteen year olds. Here we introduce the participants to the basic history of Hip Hop culture its birth and its growth into the number one musical genre in the world. We then dive into learning about emceeing through my four simple steps to completing a rap song. Participants will build their vocabulary while utilizing literary elements to express themselves. At the end of the eight weeks we have the participants perform their creations in a celebration of their dedication to their own success. We do require that participants have either a phone, tablet or laptop along with headphones to complete individual assignments during the eight weeks. 

Day One – 
• Introduction to Hip Hop 
Second hour
  • Hip HOP Impact on the economy 
Day Two – 
• Intro Rhyme Writing structure 
Day Three 
• Rhyme Writing Structure – (PART2) 
• Intro to 4 bar chorus 
• Intro to 16 bar verse 

Day Four  
• “Catchy Chorus” 
• Intro to Recording Equipment 
• Intro to Flow/Beat 
• Recording equipment
• Flow/beat 
Day Five 
• Intro to Vocal Recording 
• Recording vocals •  
• Recording vocals 
Day Six 
• Intro to Live Performance • Live Performance (rehearsal)  • Intro to Live Performance
Day Seven
• Live Performance (rehearsal) 
• Intro to Live Performance 
• Live Performance (rehearsal)  
• Live Performance (rehearsal) 
Day Eight 
• Intro to Stage Basics 
• Live! Where Ever We Are!! 


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