"We Educate through Entertainment."


Four days of fun!

September 30th, 2019 

*When The Beat Was Born...When The Mic Turned On

-Introduction:Music Playlist Development

-Developing your DJ Verse

Special Invited Guest  DJ Fred Ones/TME

October 1st, 2019

*Do That Kid...Do That Kid...Do It!

  • Music Playlist Development
  • Developing your DJ verse
  • Click, Load and Switch DJ drill

October 9th, 2019 

*These are the Breaks

Special Invited Guest Full Circle Souljahs- Gabriel Kwik Step

  • Breaking Dance

  October 14th, 2019 

*The Cypher - All in together Now!!

  • The Cypher with DJ Fred Ones

$240.00 for all days


$60.00 a Day

ACT NOW!!!! 

   Thank you for showing your interest in The Quickhitters Experience, were so happy to host a holiday event for the upcoming no school days. please send your First and Last Name, email address, with a message listing contact information, Child Name and Age.   

Quickhitters Launched their First Quickhitters Summer Experience

Unique Educational Entertainment Experience in Harlem Kicked Off a Summer to Remember

Harlem, NY: This year, Quickhitters, an educational entertainment company specializing in providing an authentic fun experience in creating art in one of the five components of hip hop, announced that they would have their First Quickhitters Summer Experience. By partnering with educator Rasheedah Garcia and Kwesi Haynes owner of Suite 116 located at 114 West 116th Street this past year, Quickhitters opened their doors welcoming in the first class of Young Masters.

On the company’s recent decision to launch, Quickhitters CEO Kivel Jones said,”The opportunity to bring our unique experience to the Harlem area is special because I was born and raised in this community. We have a niche offering that has been adapted to help foster critical thinking and writers voice in all age ranges; four years ago we could not have imagined we’d be here at this moment. Who knows what is next but we are excited to find out."

About Quickhitters Inc.: Quickhitters Inc. is a educational entertainment company based in Harlem, NY. Founded in 2014, Quickhitters has designed, produced, and delivered over 500 unique experiences to preschool, elementary, junior high and high school students. 

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